Thursday, May 27, 2010



Drinking German beer
and trying to come up with 
the immortal poem at
5 p.m. in the afternoon.
but, ah, I´ve told the
students that the thing 
to do is not to try.

but when the women aren´t
around and the horses aren´t 
what else is there to do?

I´ve had a couple of 
sexual fantasies
had lunch out
mailed three letters
been to the grocery store.
nothing on tv.
the telephone is quiet.
I´ve run dental floss
between my teeth.

it won´t rain and I listen
to the early arrivals from the
8 hour day as they
drive in and park their cars
behind the apartment
next door.

I sit drinking German beer
and trying to come up with the
big one
and I´m not going to make it.
I´m just going to keep drinking
more and more German beer
and rolling smokes
and by 11 p.m.
I´ll be spread out
on the unmade bed
face up
asleep under the electric 
still waiting on the immortal

-Charles Bukowski


  1. If not immortal I find your poems to be very interesting!

  2. I just read Hot Water Music, and am going to read Post Office as soon as I finish Gone With The Wind (which I just started last week, so it will be awhile). There's a reason why Bukowski is a modern classic!

  3. I agree with Thauke - this really is interesting.

  4. Kristin -

    I agree, ah.......

    As for your name.....Norwegian.?.....

    Hilsner fra Grete (yes, Norwegain....)