Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dalai Lama in New York!

S.S. o Dalai Lama by Elton Melo.
Picture taken by Elton Melo

The Art of Happiness
A Handbook for Living
Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler. M.D.

Elizabeth from the great and inspiring Elizabeth Avedon Blog put some gorgeous photos of the Dalai Lama taken by Richard Gere today. This made me inspired to write about "The Art of Happiness" that I read a while back. Dalai Lama will be in N.Y. City the next four days offering teachings and public talks at Radio City Music Hall.

Dalai Lama, the smiling, loving definitively deserving Nobel Prize winner is spreading his happiness, that he is known for in this book. Helping us learn to deal with our worries and to think of happiness as the purpose of life.

Here are some quotes from the book:

"The purpose of our existence is to seek happiness."

"If we utilize our favorable circumstances, such as our good health or wealth, in positive ways, in helping others, they can be contributory factors in achieving a happier life."

"The greater the level of calmness of our mind, the greater our peace of mind, the greater our ability to enjoy a happy and joyful life."

- I am working hard on this one...being calm....

"We don´t need more money, we don´t need greater success or fame, we don´t need the perfect body or even the perfect mate - right now, at this very moment, we have a mind, which is all the basic equipment we need to achieve complete happiness."

"If you maintain a feeling of compassion, loving kindness, then something automatically opens your inner door. Through that, you can communicate much more easiliy with other people. And that feeling of warmth creates a kind of openness. You´ll find that all human beings are just like you, so you´ll be able to relate to them more easily."

"Everyday as soon as you get up, you can develop a sincere positive motivation, thinking, I will utilize this day in a more positive way. I should not waste this very day. And then, at night before bed, check what you´ve done, asking yourself, Did I utilize this day as i Planned?"

"The turning-toward happiness as a valid goal and the conscious decision to seek happiness in a systematic manner can profoundly change the rest of our lives."

"We need to actively cultivate the antidotes to hatred; patience and tolerance."

Please let me remember this one:

"If there is a solution to the problem, there is no need to worry. If there is no solution, there is no sense of worrying either"

"So if our definition of love is based on a genuine wish for someone´s happiness, then each of us does in fact love himself or herself - every one of us sincerely wishes for his or her own happiness."

As the book opens with.

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  1. Such a beautiful photograph and inspiring post! Thank you for the mention...

  2. LOVE IT! Thanks for the heads up. Beautiful post.

  3. It was great reading this over my morning cup of coffee. Remembering this, will make my day better.

  4. Thanks:) I am re-reading this myself this morning after one of my boys dropped all my eggs on the stone floor and the other broke a porcelain egg cup. Broken porcelain means luck, right?
    ahhh The Art of Happiness. I am sure this will be the most beautiful day, the sun is shining!

  5. This post came at the perfect time... I need to stick this on my fridge - "If there is a solution to the problem, there is no need to worry. If there is no solution, there is no sense of worrying either"

    Thank you for the wonderful post.. xo

  6. really a nice post i like Dalai lama

  7. Thanks for sharing this. I enjoy being reminded of the important things in life.

    p.s. lovely blog.

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