Thursday, May 13, 2010

I don´t know how

I don´t know how to stop the time
while I turn the pancake
change a diaper,
run the stairs, brush through the paper
pay the contractor, talk to the gardner
call the plumber that never shows
play games, hide and seek
Laugh a bit, cry a bit,
See lots of Art, feel the Art
Just be, be at many places at one time
I can´t miss out on the good times, bad times
try to be a good friend, mother, lover
just how can I sit down and just watch
the ocean for a few minutes,
When I don´t know how to stop the time?


  1. Dette var et flott dikt :) Du er dyktig til å skrive. I tillegg er det jo veldig gjenkjennelig!

  2. It is amazing how each of us try to find that time and to catch it everyday, it is definitely a process of finding a few moments each day to pause when we can and then only can we catch the time..

    Love this and a great reminder that no matter how busy we are to stop for a moment xo

  3. I love this poem and it certainly reflects my life. There just aren't enough hours in a day.