Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I will greet the sun again

Forough Farokhazad

One of the most influential female poets from Iran.

I will greet the sun again
I am sending my greetings to the sun,
To the tender river that filled my veins,
To the raining clouds that carried my long dreams
And to the sore aging of poplar trees in the yard:
They escorted me in all visits of dried times.

I am sending my greetings to the crowd of crows:
They always brought me the fresh perfume of nights’ crops.
And to my mother who stayed in the mirror,
And looked like my aged face.

My greetings to the earth,
The earth that the thrill of repeating me,
was cramming beneath its aroused inside,
by green seeds.

I will come, I will come,
I will arrive.

With my curls: the winged scent of the soil
With my eyes: the bright insight of the night
And I will bring all flowers I picked
from the other side of the wall.

I will come, I will come,
I will arrive.

And then the gates will be invaded by love,
And there, I will greet everybody who loves.

And, I know:
There will be a girl, still standing in front of the gates,
those soaked gates in the deluge of love…

I will greet her again as well.


  1. A beautiful poem by a beautiful Persian. Have to send this to a friend... Thanks for sharing with us!

    XX Katie

  2. Yes! You pick up the good spots: )

  3. I first read some of Forough's lines in an interview of the great Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami and have never forgotten them. This is my first visit here (I come by way of Jane's Blue Lantern)so I'm delighted to meet Farough again. An Afghani friend from LA told me it's easy to buy her poetry there but I haven't found her books in nyc yet.

  4. Beautiful poem and glad to be introduced to a new talent I will for sure explore, thank you!!

  5. Oh yes love the Hearst Tower as well!! An idea for another :) I am definitely going to be adding more cities too! Cannot wait to share!

    Have a wonderful weekend Kristin. xo

  6. Greetings Kristen,

    Thank you for helping to bridge the gap between these two worlds, these two cultures.

    This is my first visit and I also peaked in on your other blogs.

    Wishing you all the best,

    PS: you may wish to reveal your email address under your profile.