Thursday, July 1, 2010

Love thou art high!

Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson was such a fantastic romantic.... would this work as a wedding poem?


Love - thou art high -
I cannot climb thee -
But, were it Two -
Who knows but we -
Taking turns - at the Chimborazo -
Ducal  - at last  - stand up by thee -

Love - thou art deep -
I cannot cross thee -
But, were there Two 
Instead of One -
Rower, and yacht - some sovereign summer -
Who knows - but we´d reach the Sun?

Love - thou art Veiled -
A few - behold thee - 
Smile - and alter - and prattle - and die -
Bliss - were an Oddity - without thee -
Nicknamed by God -
Eternity -


  1. I have always believed that Christina Rossetti and Emily Dickinson are the best female poets to have ever lived.This poem is truly exquisite. I love it.

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    best wishes!

  2. It would totally work for a wedding. Those are beautiful words! Thanks for stopping by too:-).

  3. Its beautiful! I love it :-)